Sexy, Sexy Beer Bottles

The 2011 Ig Nobel ceremony took place yesterday at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre.  The award is sponsored by Improbable Research, an organization that gathers fascinating, odd, and outright hilarious research papers that triumph the idea that not all science is boring.  Among this year’s distinguished recipients was fellow entomologist and blogger David Rentz, who received the IgNobel in Biology for a discovery made in 1983 with colleague Darryl Gwynne in the Australian outback.  Much to their surprise a certain style of brown bottle with indentations at the base (“stubbies”) proved to be irresistible to males of the Buprestid beetle Julodimorpha bakewelli  Julodimorpha saundersii (see source paper and comment below).


Congratulations Dave and Darryl!


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Julodimorpha bakewelli attempting to copulate with a bottle of beer. Photo by D. Gwynne

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