The Mothman visits Mars

I love digging through the abyssal pit of internet crazy because I get to find gems like this: The Mothman on Mars? Linked in the ‘article’ is a NASA Curiosity rover photo, Mastcam Right. SOL 194. Photo taken on 21 February 2013. The rock they are talking about as “mothman” is in the upper left . . . → Read More: The Mothman visits Mars

Jesus, aisle 4

What would Jesus do if he had some free time – maybe cure a disease, end a war, or feed the starving – but nah, everyone sees that coming. Why not shock them to the core – burn your face on a Walmart receipt! At least, that’s what a couple in South Carolina believe to . . . → Read More: Jesus, aisle 4

All New, Attack Moths!

It seems like there is a preponderance of urban legends that involve insects crawling into our faces while we sleep. The most famous myth is something along the lines of “you eat 8 spiders a year while sleeping“. Actually when you google that the number ranges from 4 to 8… up to . . . → Read More: All New, Attack Moths!

Check your horoscope today?

I did, and it sounds like it was written by Sarah Palin. Actually, I came across this meta analysis of over 22,000 horoscopes over on Information is Beautiful. It’s spectacular – but I’ll run down a few points here:

From these 22,000 horoscopes came a chart of the most common words (bottom), 90% of which . . . → Read More: Check your horoscope today?

Leave it to the Mythbusters


Not too long ago I posted about the device above – a cool looking glass bulb which supposedly uses light to scare away flights. That claim hit my skeptical nerve, and I discussed it in my previous post. Over the past weeks I’ve been researching reasonable methods . . . → Read More: Leave it to the Mythbusters

(Grinter) Ghost House

I’m back from the road with thousands of specimens, a little weary and ready to sit still for a bit. In all it was a wonderful trip – but I have lots and lots of processing to do. While I play catch-up, enjoy this clip. As far as I know, there is no direct relation. . . . → Read More: (Grinter) Ghost House

An Uphill Battle

If there is one thing that I learned in college, it was how to easily distract myself. I tend to keep my TV on in the background while I’m working on my computer, especially late at night when I am usually fighting a winning war against sleep. The other night something did catch my . . . → Read More: An Uphill Battle

The genius of the press

Came across this article today care of Doug Yanega at UC Riverside, which spurred the search for further information. Who can tell me what those “flowers” actually are? 10 points to the first to guess correctly… or maybe some awesome prize?

Ming’s Myth

I love Ming Tsai and his cooking empire as much as the next 3-am TV viewer. Actually, his recipes are fantastic and you should make them yourself. But I have noticed an odd tendency for him to say (paraphrased) “you should always use organic, it’s much better for you”. This leaves me a bit puzzled. . . . → Read More: Ming’s Myth