Skeptics in the Pup

Tonight, if you’re in San Francisco, you should make your way to Showdogs bar (near the SoMa) for skeptics in the pub with the honorable James Randi! I’ll be in attendance, along with a few fellow entomologist friends. Try this facebook link – but if that fails, the event starts at 9pm.

If you’re not . . . → Read More: Skeptics in the Pup

An Uphill Battle

If there is one thing that I learned in college, it was how to easily distract myself. I tend to keep my TV on in the background while I’m working on my computer, especially late at night when I am usually fighting a winning war against sleep. The other night something did catch my . . . → Read More: An Uphill Battle

The Doctors are out.

I caught a brief airing of the TV show “The Doctors“, today’s episode was titled “Medical Emergencies You Can’t Ignore”. For the most part they regurgitate positive medical health affirmations. They also babble on about “healthy” foods and things that are good for you and the “dangers” of all kinds of common household bacteria/chemicals and . . . → Read More: The Doctors are out.

Sunday night rant: the way things should work.

I came across this article today and it put a smile on my face. A traveling malaria researcher came across an “electronic mosquito repeller” for sale in his in-flight catalog. Being an intelligent man, he realized this was total and utter BS. He also realized this product probably sells best while in-route to malaria ridden . . . → Read More: Sunday night rant: the way things should work.