The Mothman visits Mars

I love digging through the abyssal pit of internet crazy because I get to find gems like this: The Mothman on Mars? Linked in the ‘article’ is a NASA Curiosity rover photo, Mastcam Right. SOL 194. Photo taken on 21 February 2013. The rock they are talking about as “mothman” is in the upper left . . . → Read More: The Mothman visits Mars

Genius of the Press XXII

Back from hiatus and back to the Genius of the Press insect-news-failure series! Fresh off the presses from last year, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in the UK was shut down for a massive infestation of clothes moths. The picture shown here from “The Nation” story is a far cry from a . . . → Read More: Genius of the Press XXII

Bugs in Reno: ESA 2011

I’ve just returned from the annual Entomological Society of America conference in Reno, Nevada! It’s the largest meeting of its kind in the world, with over 4,000 attendees from all walks of insect research life. My interests are in the systematics, evolution and biodiversity talks – and I’ll try to recap a few of the . . . → Read More: Bugs in Reno: ESA 2011

Sexy, Sexy Beer Bottles

The 2011 Ig Nobel ceremony took place yesterday at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. The award is sponsored by Improbable Research, an organization that gathers fascinating, odd, and outright hilarious research papers that triumph the idea that not all science is boring. Among this year’s distinguished recipients was fellow entomologist and blogger David Rentz, who received the . . . → Read More: Sexy, Sexy Beer Bottles

Genius of the Press XXI

This is a pretty epic fail. I guess the “young adult” publishing guidelines are less strict with “facts”.




Thanks to Richard Lee Brown for first posting this on Facebook.

Butterfly Vengeance

Plebejus samuelis

We all saw this day coming, the rise of the butterflies, the day they will take vengeance on us. No longer will they passively fly around their habitats as they are bulldozed for malls and polluted with runoff. One particularly angry Karner Blue has submitted a letter to the . . . → Read More: Butterfly Vengeance

Genius of the Press XV

For this issue of the genius of the press, who can tell me what’s wrong with this article? It’s pretty subtle, but a clear mistake, especially for LiveScience.

Genius of the Press XIV

Here are some screenshots from one of my favorite podcasts, The Moth! For those who aren’t aware of it, you should check it out – and be surprised that it’s not actually entomology related. True stories told live on stage that range from hilarious to heartbreaking. BUT, they have made an appearance on my GOP . . . → Read More: Genius of the Press XIV

Monday Madness

Bwahahahahahahaha. It’s amazing just how much crazyness this woman crams into this interview. It was so bad it actually became hard to laugh at…

I’m working on editing my images from my road trip, so stay tuned!

. . . → Read More: Monday Madness

Genius of the Press XIII

This week’s (as if I keep up with this weekly) GOP was sent to me by commenter “Subverted“. Thank you for the contribution! Makes like a whole lot easier, and I strongly encourage future submissions from other readers.

For those new to my blog – the Genius of the Press series is a contest to . . . → Read More: Genius of the Press XIII