All New, Attack Moths!

It seems like there is a preponderance of urban legends that involve insects crawling into our faces while we sleep. The most famous myth is something along the lines of “you eat 8 spiders a year while sleeping“. Actually when you google that the number ranges from 4 to 8… up to . . . → Read More: All New, Attack Moths!

Pointless news, this time from Nature

Fresh off the desk of the Nature News is a feature pondering a world without mosquitos (or -toes). How is this news? Perhaps there is some new vector control we all need to hear about! Well, check out the article from the latest edition of Nature titled “A World Without Mosquitoes“. I originally came . . . → Read More: Pointless news, this time from Nature

Medical Research for the Science Fair


I am really at a loss for understanding yet another positive acupuncture study that was as well designed as my 8th grade science fair project. Granted, I was a nerdy science kid, but I could do a better job drunk. I think I should conduct a followup study in which I test the . . . → Read More: Medical Research for the Science Fair

NY Times FAIL – Acupuncture

Today I found this article in NY times health – touting the benefits of acupuncture used for depression relief in pregnant women. I have a few problems with the journalist, Shirley S. Wang, failing to remain skeptical in her piece. But this comes as no surprise, so I won’t bother to point out obvious flaws . . . → Read More: NY Times FAIL – Acupuncture