In the name of the…


Nothing wrong with established religion…

You can read all about his story from the NY Times. I think the scariest thing about this whole abuse scandal (scandalsssss) is that the church actually believes that this is the work of satan – not the twisted minds of individual humans. Yes, “the Devil is at work . . . → Read More: In the name of the…

When I’m too lazy to think of my own material,

I post someone else’s. Came across this series in a PZ Myers lecture, pretty entertaining and you should go check out Mr. Deity yourself.

[crackle src=/p/Mr._Deity/Mr._Deity_and_the_Messages.swf&fv=id%3D2021384%26mu%3D0%26ap%3D0]

Buy Chris’s all new healing tonic!

Well, I bet if I was selling something it would show up pretty damn low on this chart. Below you can see different alternative remedies ranked in accordance to their scientific efficacy. Follow the link for a more comprehensive explanation of the ratings, but the remedies are ranked based on each claim – green tea . . . → Read More: Buy Chris’s all new healing tonic!

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