Medical Research for the Science Fair


I am really at a loss for understanding yet another positive acupuncture study that was as well designed as my 8th grade science fair project. Granted, I was a nerdy science kid, but I could do a better job drunk. I think I should conduct a followup study in which I test the . . . → Read More: Medical Research for the Science Fair

The Doctors are out.

I caught a brief airing of the TV show “The Doctors“, today’s episode was titled “Medical Emergencies You Can’t Ignore”. For the most part they regurgitate positive medical health affirmations. They also babble on about “healthy” foods and things that are good for you and the “dangers” of all kinds of common household bacteria/chemicals and . . . → Read More: The Doctors are out.

Buy Chris’s all new healing tonic!

Well, I bet if I was selling something it would show up pretty damn low on this chart. Below you can see different alternative remedies ranked in accordance to their scientific efficacy. Follow the link for a more comprehensive explanation of the ratings, but the remedies are ranked based on each claim – green tea . . . → Read More: Buy Chris’s all new healing tonic!

NY Times FAIL – Acupuncture

Today I found this article in NY times health – touting the benefits of acupuncture used for depression relief in pregnant women. I have a few problems with the journalist, Shirley S. Wang, failing to remain skeptical in her piece. But this comes as no surprise, so I won’t bother to point out obvious flaws . . . → Read More: NY Times FAIL – Acupuncture