Fuzzy Pink Monday Moth

A Monday moth in fuzzy pink – Dryocampa rubicunda (Saturniidae).  These rosy maple moths are pretty common in southern Illinois, but always a stunner when they come to light.

Dryocampa rubicunda - Rosy Maple Moth

Dryocampa rubicunda

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  • holy mothy fashionista (well, perhaps fashionisto is more appropriate?).

    THAT is a SPECTACULAR creature. Never seen before.

    SO cool. Thanks!!!

  • Yes, these are very solid pictures of a semi-fruity moth. I’m pretty into them. I was on this camping trip with you and after adjusting to the dead-moth-bucket-trap myself (when I came to in the early hours of that first night, I had my head plunged into the dead-moth-bucket like an ostrich who had just farted in class), I found what you were doing every night pretty fascinating. I had no idea there were this many moths in the woods that any ol’ person can camp in.

    What I’m really getting at is that I remember being relaxed and mellow on the trip until someone yelled ‘Pack Kiddo!’ I was still pretty chill after that because I was thinking in my head, ‘Nobody would address me as Kiddo, I’m too old for that, plus, we aren’t leaving for another day or so, so I don’t need to pack now.’ I went back to counting numbers in my head when I heard it again, this time, clearer – ‘BLACK WIDOW!’ Holy craps! A black widow spider?!

    As all of the rest of us men scurried away like those little magnet shavings you use to make a mustache on a clown face with another magnet (you could get these types of things at the dollar store or the measly toy aisle at a Jewel or Dominick’s), I saw the weekend’s MVP (Grinter) walk right up to the single bitch and snap her photo. I couldn’t believe my guys’ eyes! How daring! And all in the name of capital-S Science!

    How about posting some pics of that dark beast up on this blog! I think that all these pictures look pretty phenom, but I also learned that weekend that most moths don’t have mouths and that the danger-level of taking their picture is on par with watching reruns of CSI: Miami in a La-Z-Boy. But a black widow?! You could have died!

    Please: Post! Those! Pics!

    Anywho, sorry again for pooping your tent!

    Love Always,


  • awesome closeup Chris! always a treat to see this one..

    btw, my blog url has changed 🙂

  • What a stunner! Absolutely incredible. I came to your blog by way of NationalMothWeek.org. I’m often photographing moths and other insects, and did some arty moth photos for this year’s event. Look at the colors on that thing! Remarkable what beauty awaits us if we just pause long enough to notice.

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