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As I’m sure you’ve noticed things have been awfully quiet around here for the last two months.  Most of January I was busy with a move, from San Francisco to Chicago.  Unfortunately the foundation that was supporting my work at the California Academy of Sciences had some tough financial calls to make and my position was discontinued.  Additional layoffs at the CAS only meant there wasn’t any way for me to stay at the museum – such is the ephemeral world of research funding.   I’ll miss the amazing friends that I made and the beautiful California landscape, four years sure flies by in a flash.  Without a doubt I’ll find something in the not too distant future (if you know of anything let me know!).  In the meantime I can focus on experimenting with my photo gear and getting those manuscripts done that have been hanging around for far too long.

Spring/tornado season is just around the corner here in Chicagoland and I think it’s safe to say scenes like this are a thing of the past.  Stay tuned for regular updates, new photographs, and where I might be moving to next!


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  • Bob Abela

    I’ve followed your blog with interest over the last couple of years and will continue to. So, just wishing you the best in your future pursuits Chris. Cheers! Bob

  • We’ve missed you.

    You know, Chicago isn’t that far from St. Louis. If you find yourself dipping down south a little bit during the collecting season let me know – it’d be fun to meet.

    • Thanks Ted! If I’m here for very long I’ll start to get antsy and probably plan something for my old haunts down in southern IL. If this weather keeps up April might be fantastic collecting. And let me know if you ever head up to Chicago!

  • Welcome back! I also fell victim to budget cuts–here’s hoping you land on your feet too! (tarsi?)

  • I don’t understand, Chris. Why would you spend the time and money to move from CA back to IL when you don’t have a next step in place? I’m sorry to see you go. I almost sent you an email asking what happened to your blog, letting you know about how my last Lophocampa cocoon emerged as a parasitoid wasp in September, and asking how Paul is doing now. I guess each of us has to make our own difficult decisions. I wish you well and am looking forward to more blog postings.

    Btw, I’m thinking Ted may have a job for you. 😉

    • Ah yes I guess it wouldn’t be known to most of my readers that Chicago is my hometown! I’m here living with family and friends for nothing – and I discovered added bonuses like my car insurance just dropped by $1000 a year. It was really hard leaving CA but hopefully I can find something out west again.

      The downtime is good for my moths though, I’m actually making headway on pending manuscripts so I will hopefully get around to the Lophocampa in the not too distant future. I also saw Paul in November and he is doing great, on his feet and back to normal.

  • Neville Hudson

    Sorry to hear you have been laid off. Hope you find a new position quickly. Have missed your regular updates and are looking forward to more.
    All the best!