Stink Bug Stink

CNN has now jumped on the bandwagon of FOX-esque bashing of scientific funding.  Reporter Erin Burnett “reports” on the federal funding of $5.7 million dollars to help fight the invasive Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (Halyomorpha halys).  Burnett’s sarcasm is nearly thick enough to break into SNL levels of ridiculousness, but she seems genuine in her distain for this story.  It’s clear that in her mind the $5.7mil has been wasted on methods to keep these bugs away from overly sensitive suburbanites and out of your hair.  A quick Google search for this insect yields a very informative page from PennState as result #1, and it even has great images of the damage these bugs can cause to crops.  Back in reality, it is not surprising that the government would fund research on a potentially critical new invasive species, one that has already proven to be highly destructive to some of our nations most important (and lucrative) crops.


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