Insects of the Philippines I

A month ago or so the California Academy of Sciences launched a full fledged expedition to the Philippines.  While the majority of the cash was spent on a clipper ship and dive teams, there was a terrestrial component.  While I didn’t get to go (and sat at home and pouted), I did talk some of my spider colleagues into collecting lepidoptera for me.  Rarely do I say this, but they did a wonderful job collecting leps, and I am slowly working through their bounty (thanks to Nataliya, Vanessa and Hannah!).  Here is one of the few butterflies they caught – and I’m thinking this even came into light since it was packed with the moths (which butterflies occasionally do).  This stunning Lycaenidae is Catapaecilma evansi, identified by David (indowings) over on InsectNet, thanks!

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Catapaecilma evansi (Lycaenidae)

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