Monday Moth

Whoops, it’s almost Tuesday!  Above is Schinia ligeae (Noctuidae) resting on its host plant Xylorhiza tortifolia, the Mojave Aster.  I photographed this about three weeks ago outside the town of Big Pine, California.  The asters were thick in the valleys below the snow capped Sierra, and the moths were abundant.  Somehow these medium-sized Schinia get away with being conspicuous and lazy, you don’t even need a net to collect them.  Just walk up and tip them into a jar – I guess the pressure to evolve a more cryptic or evasive behavior is lacking.

Speaking of conspicuously lazy, I have been gone for much of May and hence the lull in blogging.  Now that the weddings and spring field season are over, I’ll be back at the desk and back to blogging!

2 comments to Monday Moth

  • =) Lovely, lovely photo. Glad you’re back with more time to share. I’ve been gone and cannot believe I have FEWER POSTS this month that May has days. Babbling has slowed to a dribble. Field work + Twitter = My alibis. Glad you’re ramping up. Big Pine = Mighty Fine. =)

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