Butterflies for Beer

(Credit: David Cappaert, Insectimages.org)


If you happen to be living out in Yolo, Solano or Sacramento counties you should head out with a net. Dr. Art Shaprio has offered for the 40th year his cabbage white butterfly competition. If you are the very first person to catch a cabbage white (Pieris rapae . . . → Read More: Butterflies for Beer

Check your horoscope today?

I did, and it sounds like it was written by Sarah Palin. Actually, I came across this meta analysis of over 22,000 horoscopes over on Information is Beautiful. It’s spectacular – but I’ll run down a few points here:

From these 22,000 horoscopes came a chart of the most common words (bottom), 90% of which . . . → Read More: Check your horoscope today?

Entomophagy: moths for dinner

I have always known that in many places of the world, especially off the beaten track, caterpillars of moths and butterflies are on the menu. From Africa to Australia there are dozens of species that might taste good enough to be reasonably edible or even delicious. But here in the US insects rarely if . . . → Read More: Entomophagy: moths for dinner

Genius of the Press XV

For this issue of the genius of the press, who can tell me what’s wrong with this article? It’s pretty subtle, but a clear mistake, especially for LiveScience.

Leave it to the Mythbusters


Not too long ago I posted about the device above – a cool looking glass bulb which supposedly uses light to scare away flights. That claim hit my skeptical nerve, and I discussed it in my previous post. Over the past weeks I’ve been researching reasonable methods . . . → Read More: Leave it to the Mythbusters

Some really cool tilt-shift

Alex Wild posted a few days ago about the “freelensing” photography technique. You can get some really cool results, especially with creating the illusion of miniatures – but so far I haven’t been brave enough to give it a shot (no pun intended). I came across this impressive compilation of Haitian images on NPR today . . . → Read More: Some really cool tilt-shift


*Update* – If you were previously subscribed to any posts, it looks like you will have to re-subscribe. I have decided though to skip on the entire-blog subscription and just stick to individual posts.

It’s always something. I updated my theme the other day and a glitch in the software caused a crash. Everything was . . . → Read More: Crash

A ghost is born

Welcome to the new year, and nearly a full year of blogging! It’s amazing how fast the time flew by, but again it always does. As you likely noticed December turned out to be my weakest posting month with a whopping 2 posts. Resolution: more posting!

Now I haven’t started blogging about music (for those . . . → Read More: A ghost is born