Genius of the Press XIV

Here are some screenshots from one of my favorite podcasts, The Moth! For those who aren’t aware of it, you should check it out – and be surprised that it’s not actually entomology related. True stories told live on stage that range from hilarious to heartbreaking. BUT, they have made an appearance on my GOP . . . → Read More: Genius of the Press XIV

Cal Academy Butterflies

While I gear up for more posts of substance, enjoy this brief video from the California Academy of Sciences butterfly collection. Dr. Norm Penny does a wonderful job of sharing some of our gems, it’s just too bad the video isn’t any longer (or about moths!).

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Monday Madness

Bwahahahahahahaha. It’s amazing just how much crazyness this woman crams into this interview. It was so bad it actually became hard to laugh at…

I’m working on editing my images from my road trip, so stay tuned!

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Se Quema el Cielo

Check out this trailer for the film “Se Quema el Cielo” – “The Sky is Burning”. A documentary about the rehabilitation of the Guancaste rainforests in North Western Costa Rica. It looks like a beautiful film…now I just have to find a copy.

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Happy Halloween!

Might be a day late, but still worth a try. Boo!

Aphonopelma species from Western Texas.