Back in the Field

Tomorrow begins stage 1 of field work/crazy driving and vacation time. I will be focused on collecting for this stage of the trip, hitting southern Texas just in time for the tail end of fall flying moths in the genus Schinia. But microleps are my primary interest, and I’m sure I’ll come back with hundreds . . . → Read More: Back in the Field

Genius of the Press XIII

This week’s (as if I keep up with this weekly) GOP was sent to me by commenter “Subverted“. Thank you for the contribution! Makes like a whole lot easier, and I strongly encourage future submissions from other readers.

For those new to my blog – the Genius of the Press series is a contest to . . . → Read More: Genius of the Press XIII

Head in the Clouds

The city I work in happens to be one of the greatest cities in the world – so let me rub it in briefly. Here is a stunning video of the San Francisco Bay captured by a local artist. Make sure to watch in HD, it’s stunning.

The Unseen Sea from Simon Christen on . . . → Read More: Head in the Clouds

Call me skeptical…

I came across this interesting device and had an instant gut reaction.. “Of course a stupid water bulb doesn’t repel flies, this is a scam!”…

deep breath…

OK that is terrible skepticism. Actually, it’s cynical and it’s just what skeptics hate being called. It’s also something that happens much too easily – . . . → Read More: Call me skeptical…

It just won’t leave me alone

On my daily commute back to Berkeley, I have spotted this (apologies for the cruddy image). Actually, I’ve seen a handful of these pop up around San Francisco and it makes me want to tear my hair out every time. For those who are new to my blog, this goes back to my Genius of . . . → Read More: It just won’t leave me alone

Time has flown

Wow it’s been a few weeks since my last post, and I’m a bit embarrassed having let it go so long. What have I been up to? Not a whole not. No impressive collecting trips, no new species or discoveries. Actually I’ve been sitting at a microscope dissecting genitalia or databasing parasitic flies. I’ll have . . . → Read More: Time has flown