Genius of the Press XII

Another not all that difficult GOP challenge, found here from the Scottish TV website. What’s wrong with the story below?

A Bit of British Humo(u)r

A short clip from the brilliant show, Quite Interesting. The start of the discussion is in regards to cochineal bugs – although they refer to them as beetles! (see buggirl)

A Sierran Spider

A weekend without moths can lead a lepidopterist to do crazy things. Crazy enough to photograph a spider. Over the weekend I was accompanied to the eastern Sierra by fellow insect blogger, coworker and arachnologist, Tamas Szuts. I was on the quest for more specimens of a new Hepialidae of which you may be familiar . . . → Read More: A Sierran Spider

Mid-week Mystery

While I work on a more substantial post, you can name this butterfly – and the plant should be pretty easy too. Extra bonus if you can guess the county (state won’t be too impressive) in which I took this photo. This was pre-DSLR, but my old beat up canon point-and-shoot did manage to get . . . → Read More: Mid-week Mystery

Psychics strike again!

A sad story has just made its way up from Belize – the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary has burned to the ground. At first glance this was merely an unfortunate report about a research and conservation facility that had been lost in a tragic fire. That, however, is not the entire story. It turns . . . → Read More: Psychics strike again!

Sept. 11th – Burn a Bible Day

Update: After weighing the options I’ve changed my mind – instead of lighting ablaze a book, I will bury one instead. This is in part because I will be in the field this weekend and lighting any fires in this tinder-box of a state is a terrible idea. But I have also given some thought . . . → Read More: Sept. 11th – Burn a Bible Day

Monarch Madness

For regular readers of my blog you might already know my stance on the monarch, but catch up here if you’d like to. Yesterday I came across this article in the LA times – regarding the overwintering colonies of monarchs in Pacific Grove, CA. Out here, west of the continental divide, there are quite a . . . → Read More: Monarch Madness