Genius of the Press IX

Just about time for another volume of Genius of the Press. Who will be first to spot the error here? Granted, the information section of the california flat rate moving website is not exactly a source of top notch journalism…

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  • JasonC.

    It’s depressing how that happens…the journalists just need to finish their deadlines, and the majority of people won’t know/care. Of course, gypsy moth wings aren’t curled up like that, but I can’t tell you what moth that is.

    • You’re right about that Jason, this isn’t a Gypsy Moth. Anyone care to guess what this is? Here is a hint, it’s an oddball family.

      The series Genius of the Press is not a very difficult one to keep going, I just bookmarked another 4 incorrect pages.

  • OK, nobody went out on a limb and guessed here. The moth is very distinctive with those hooked tipped forewings – and hence the name, the “arched hook-tip” moth. Family Drepanidae, Drepana arcuata.

    I know plenty of you out there must have recognized it, next time I expect a comment!

  • Dang – I instantly thought Drepanidae when I saw it. I’ve gotten quite behind in my reading of late.

    • Ditto for me, Ted. I’ve been away the last week and have been trying to catch up on reading.

      The funny thing is that it’s not that hard to get a photo of the proper species. Just go to Google and type in the name and you’ll get pages of hits, any one of which you could ask for permission to use. And I wonder why they cut off the moth’s head?

      • I think the head being cut-off might be a display error. The entire image is google-indexed from the site and I assumed it was some compatibility error with Safari.

        It is a great shot of a Drepanid though!