Grumble grumble…

I’m not too sure if I’m sold on this theme.  I’ve been shopping around for a new look, and am giving “twenty ten” a try.  Let me know your opinion – whether or not you think it is better than the previous layout “misty”, or if there is another design you love.  Be extra critical (especially since I had zero to do with these pre-fab designs).

Well – didn’t like the new theme all that much, went back to the tried and true misty.  I can always hope for a future one that fits this page a bit better though.

Thanks for the input (especially for some received off-blog).

3 comments to Grumble grumble…

  • I’ve been struggling with the theme thing as well. This choice of yours looks quite sharp and is easy to read. I like the header size and the navigation bar, but I find the bold post titles and the black frame around the header and navigation bar a bit heavy.

  • If you’re at all comfortable with fiddling with web code, you could always purchase the CSS upgrade and modify a theme to suit your particular ideals. It’s what I ended up doing for mine. In my case it was mostly just the header I wanted to modify, but if you want to go all out you can change pretty much everything from colour scheme to column widths to font styles.

    • I wouldn’t call myself comfortable, but maybe naively willing. It’s the same sentiment that made me think I could re-wire my collecting lights (only get shocked on occasion). But I do love what you did with your banner, and it’s a great idea to have a custom blog format!