Western Arizona

A few months ago I was out collecting in western Arizona and failed to follow through with any images or updates on that trip.  Well, it was a success and well worth the miles to get there!  I was searching for a Crambid moth in the mountains of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (special thanks to the Kofa staff for quickly approving my permits).  While I’m still sorting through moths from that trip, the timing couldn’t have been better weather wise.  It was mild out (mid 90’s is almost cool for that region!) and still wet.  As you can see below, there were plenty of moths that night.  Here are a few images from the trip… now to catch up with my latest photos!

This is as close to the Big Horn Sheep as I could get…

Bombyliidae species

Just a small portion of the haul

Opuntia basilaris (Cactus)

Sunset over the Kofas

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