Pointless news, this time from Nature

Fresh off the desk of the Nature News is a feature pondering a world without mosquitos (or -toes). How is this news? Perhaps there is some new vector control we all need to hear about! Well, check out the article from the latest edition of Nature titled “A World Without Mosquitoes“. I originally came . . . → Read More: Pointless news, this time from Nature

I should start charging

OK, maybe not. But I did get a little jealous when I came across this article where I discovered a local San Francisco artist who is charging $60 a pop for “insect spreading classes”. I wonder how many really show up to the monthly class? This just in, Chris Grinter is offering an insect spreading . . . → Read More: I should start charging

Genius of the Press IX

Just about time for another volume of Genius of the Press. Who will be first to spot the error here? Granted, the information section of the california flat rate moving website is not exactly a source of top notch journalism…

This time, with a moth

Here are a few more images from my recent northern road trip, this time from western Idaho. Right outside the town of New Meadows were fields of flowers thick with life. It was some of the best day collecting I’ve done in years, and fellow road tripper Peter Jump and I discovered this . . . → Read More: This time, with a moth

The only bar in town

In eastern Lassen county, on the vast high juniper hills of the California-Nevada border, there are herds of “wild” horses, sheep and cattle. Par for the course, the only flowering plant around was horehound (Marrubium vulgare). Despite the non-native flora and (semi)mega-fauna, the insects were still at home. Being the only nectar source, the small . . . → Read More: The only bar in town

Grumble grumble…

I’m not too sure if I’m sold on this theme. I’ve been shopping around for a new look, and am giving “twenty ten” a try. Let me know your opinion – whether or not you think it is better than the previous layout “misty”, or if there is another design you love. Be extra critical . . . → Read More: Grumble grumble…

Western Arizona

A few months ago I was out collecting in western Arizona and failed to follow through with any images or updates on that trip. Well, it was a success and well worth the miles to get there! I was searching for a Crambid moth in the mountains of the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge (special thanks . . . → Read More: Western Arizona

(Grinter) Ghost House

I’m back from the road with thousands of specimens, a little weary and ready to sit still for a bit. In all it was a wonderful trip – but I have lots and lots of processing to do. While I play catch-up, enjoy this clip. As far as I know, there is no direct relation. . . . → Read More: (Grinter) Ghost House

On the road again

Over the next week and a half I’ll be driving up to Washington state for the annual Lepidopterists’ Society meeting. It is located in the tourist-trap town of Leavenworth, which is a “Bavarian themed” diorama of postcard and clog shops. While I can never quite understand the appeal of themed towns, it is something . . . → Read More: On the road again

Vox Populi, volume II

And now for the even more infrequently reoccurring series, vox populi! For those without scarring high school memories of latin class (through no fault of my teacher) I’ll bring you up to speed – the title roughly translates to “voice of the people”. Here is another old e-mail that I’ve been saving. It is a . . . → Read More: Vox Populi, volume II