Genius of the Press, v. VI

It’s good to throw a changeup every one in a while, and this week here is an article that is actually GOOD.  Yes, you read it here first, a positive article about entomology collections.  We all need a breather after that Fox news fiasco with the Michigan State collection.  The Honolulu Magazine does a really great job (hey… I knew that title sounded familiar… it’s a book by May Berenbaum) and they actually seem to get it.  There are some great quotes from Dr. Neal Evenhuis (pictured) and Shepherd Myers; go read about the Bishop Museum’s collections and the awesomeness of being an entomologist on one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Actually, Neal, need a curatorial assistant?

2 comments to Genius of the Press, v. VI

  • What a great article – Evanhuis seems to be a real character. Have you seen his article, The “Mihi itch”—a brief history?

    Also, I hope you and everyone else will click on the link to Olivier Koning’s photographic slide show at the end of the article – some superb images of very impressive species.

  • Hi Chris,

    Thanks for this link – it is so rare to find any article about science that isn’t totally buggered. I’ll pass this on at work.

    And Ted – thanks for the reminder about Mihi-itch. Great paper.