New Technique Page!

I’ve just illustrated my method for spreading microlepidoptera, go explore the techniques page. ¬†Who is courageous enough to attempt it?

4 comments to New Technique Page!

  • That is a beautifully spread specimen!

  • Gunnar

    To me, this is both encouraging and discouraging at once.

  • Gunnar

    This looks awfully complicated compared to the animals I normally work with (moth flies – Diptera: Psychodidae). For each specimen of these I just have to
    – fix the little bugger in ethanol
    – dissect their bodies into tagmata, including removing the wings
    – mount the wings on microscope slides
    – bleech the remaining animal, most often by boiling them for a day in KOH
    – acidify each dissected specimen (to balance out the KOH)
    – dehydrate each dissected specimen in consecutive alcohol baths
    – mount the head, thorax and abdomen on the same microscope slide as the wings without squashing any of them too flat to see the diagnostic characters
    – wait some weeks for the slides to dry.

    This microlepidoptera mounting does on the other hand seem like lots of work. It does, however, seem quite rewarding; I will probably try some of these methods later in the season.

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