Keeping things skeptical


I really enjoy this autotuned Sagan, makes me with I was this eloquent.  Watch more videos here at the Symphony of Science.

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  • David K


    Thanks for posting the video. I never thought I’d hear Carl Sagan sing. He’s my favorite author. I’ve read all his popular books, including Intelligent Life in the Universe. Every book is eye-opening. Too bad he’s no longer with us. I used to enjoy his appearances on the Johnny Carson show also, particularly his description of playing baseball on Phobos. I’ve read a couple of Hawking’s books too, and attended one of his live lectures. It’s amazing that he’s able to do all his calculations in his head, without the use of his hands. My son said he almost got run over by Hawking’s wheelchair while at Caltech.

    I’m also an insect collector (generalist, mainly beetles & leps- found the link to this website on Insectnet). I’ve collected in TX, LA, AZ, NM, FL. Hope to go back to AZ this summer or next. Would like to collect in CA also.

  • Welcome aboard, let me know if you want collecting tips for CA.

  • David K

    Yeah, I would like some CA collecting tips. Send them to my email. I’m interested in lots of species from there so I won’t be specific (except for Hemileucas, esp. electra). Just fill me in on some some good spots for both day and night collecting, including gas stations & lighted buildings. Also best months for general collecting. Thanks.